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Additional Services

Steam Clean---With a steam clean you will be able to clean your entire car interior using no chemicals - just steam - in a fraction of the time of traditional cleaning methods.

Steam Clean Vehicle Interiors

All Vehicles --------------- $100

Using high pressure steam is completely safe and can be used at any car surface, giving a great finishing exterior and interior as well.


Leather Clean & Condition---If leather is to retain its beauty, it must be cared for, cleaned and conditioned.

Clean Leather Seats , Clean all Leather Trims & Inserts , Condition Leather Seats , Condition all Leather Trims & Inserts

5 Seater ---------- $55

7 Seater -----------$75

Additional Seats @ $10

Leather must be carefully cleansed before it can be properly conditioned. As leather ages, it loses essential protectants infused into the leather during the manufacturing process. That leaves the leather susceptible to dirt, oils, and UV damage. To keep leather looking and feeling its best, you must first clean it and then replace the lost moisture and protection.


Clay Bar --- Clay bars are for quickly removing things that regular washing cannot, like paint over spray, embedded dirt, tree sap, light tar, bug residue and just about any other contaminants that want to bond to your paint, glass or hard chrome surface.

All Vehicles -------------$100 Per Hour

It’s important to note that clay bars are not for removing fine scratches, swirls marks, heavier water marks or paint etching.


Removal Of ---

Overspray , Decals , Vinyl Wrap ....etc

All vehicles -------$100 per hour